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Science-based Guidelines for Marine Protected Areas and MPA Networks in Canada

Chan, Kai et Côté, Isabelle et Dearden, Philip et De Santo, Elizabeth et Fortin, Marie-Josée et Guichard, Frédéric et Haider, Wolfgang et Jamieson, Glen et Kramer, Donald et McCrea-Strub, Ashley et Montevecchi, William et Mulrennan, Monica et Roff, John et Salomon, Anne et Jessen, Sabine et Honka, Leah et Woodley, Alison et Menafra, Rodrigo et Gardner, Julie (2011). Science-based Guidelines for Marine Protected Areas and MPA Networks in Canada. [Monographie]

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This document is to provide guidelines for effective networks of MPAs throughout Canada’s three oceans. We base our approach on scientific understanding of marine ecosystems and of human interactions with them, integrating knowledge from the biophysical and social sciences. The guidelines also reflect the prominent place of Canada’s Aboriginal peoples in the stewardship of our oceans. These guidelines affirm that in order to achieve the full benefit of MPAs in Canada, the protection of healthy marine ecosystems must be the priority, and a number of specific requirements must be met, including :
• creating no-take reserves spanning no less than 30% of each bioregion in Canadian waters;
• excluding industrial uses and developments, including exploration for and extraction of non-renewable resources, dredging, dumping, and destructive fishing practices, particularly bottom trawling;
• planning and implementing MPAs as part of effective networks and comprehensive oceans
management; and
• respecting the rights and interests of Aboriginal peoples.

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