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Guidelines for Protected Areas Legislation

Lausche, Barbara et Burhenne, Françoise (2011). Guidelines for Protected Areas Legislation. [Monographie]

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Law evolves in response to changing societal needs. Protected areas law and policy will continue to emerge and progress as new scientific information is gained about biodiversity and how it is affected by human activities, such as changing land uses, as well as natural factors, such as climate change. Protected areas law will also continue to respond to developments in international law. Similarly, developments will continue to occur at the administrative level and in the courts, as governments and societies integrate this new understanding into law. The complexities of these issues will unfold and shape national protected areas law, land use law, climate change law and other associated areas in the decades ahead. The outputs of this project represent a significant step forward from the original guidelines of 1980. But guidelines in law are always a work in progress. The collective efforts of lawyers, scientists, protected area managers and conservationists must continue in a multidisciplinary way to address ongoing and new challenges in the field of environmental law. These ongoing efforts should continue to elaborate elements that are important to include in protected area legal frameworks. This is essential if the law is to remain effective in supporting national protected areas and bolstering their critical global role in nature conservation and sustainable development. It is hoped that users of the Guidelines for Protected Areas Legislation will find them to be a practical and instructive aid for advancing this goal.

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Informations complémentaires: Autres organismes impliqués : Commission on Environmental Law, CMAP (Commission mondiale des aires protégées/ World Commission on Protected Areas)
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