Aires Marines

Gender and Equity in the Protected Areas of West Africa

Fondation internationale du Banc d’Arguin, et Union internationale pour la conservation de la nature, (2008). Gender and Equity in the Protected Areas of West Africa. [Monographie]

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From 30 May to 1 June 2007 in Dakar, Senegal,le Programme Aires Protégées pour l’Afrique du Centre et de l’Ouest (PAPACO) of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) and the International Foundation for the Banc d'Arguin (FIBA), organised a workshop entitled “Reflecting on capacity building for women in the processes of concertation and management of Protected Areas in West Africa”. This workshop brought together professionals from Protected Areas from various West African countries, as well as gender specialists. The objective was not only to provide a conceptual framework for a better understanding of this issue, but also to provide tools and other instruments for incorporating the principle of equity between the sexes in the programmes and projects of various protected areas in West Africa. The presentations and analyses of concrete examples revealed many problems that are hampering the processes of recognising and integrating equity between the sexes, which include cultural, religious, political, and institutional issues, a lack of knowledge, and an incorrect interpretation of the question. Among the many propositions put forward, the participants expressed the need to dispose of a guide accessible to the general public on the question of gender equity in the protected areas of West Africa, which would be educational and specifically designed for the managers of protected areas. This manual is organised in three parts: Theoretical reflections on the problematic of equity between the sexes in West Africa and in the Protected Areas; questions on equity between the sexes, based on case studies and practical propositions; concrete propositions for a real equity-based approach in West Africa and elsewhere.

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